Monday, June 8, 2009

Dance Injuries...

I was google-ing dance injuries while icing my ankles and found this great article from NYU. Read the full text here.

Top Ten Prevention tips for dancers

1. Proper training and teaching are essential to allow dancers of all ages to develop their skills without injury.
2. Take adequate rest to allow the body to heal itself from daily wear and tear
3. Maintain energy levels by eating and drinking adequately.
4. Conditioning and strengthening of the leg muscles that support the arch are crucial.
5. Try to avoid dancing on hard or uneven surfaces, which could cause injury.
6. Take care of your shoes!
7. Dancers should adopt new training schedules slowly.
8. Although not always possible when dancing, but more so off stage or out of class, wear supportive footwear, and if you need to wear orthotics, wear them as often as possible.
9. If dancers perform excessive pointe or demi-pointe work one day, they should focus on other types of work during the next workout.
10. Early recognition of symptoms is important. Stop activity if pain or swelling occurs. If the pain persists after a few days rest, consult a sports-medicine physician


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