Friday, May 29, 2009

First "Cloclo" Rehearsal

Tonight I had my first rehearsal for the operetta Cloclo. I love first rehearsals because they're so full of excitement and nerves. It's always fun finding out who is in the cast and learning, yet again, that the theatre universe is super small. I went to school with one of gentlemen in the ensemble, and I am covering for a girl that knew some of my husband's friends. Small world.

The show should be great! The production staff is comprised of several staff members from The Lyric Opera and the director has some great ideas. We heard the concept presentation, saw the set designs, and sang through the majority of the show!

Check out the Chicago Folks Operetta website for more information. Keep your eyes peeled for our bios, which should pop up with our posted headshots, under "Ensemble," in a few days.


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