Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Summer Show

I'm excited to announce that I will be playing the role of Jean MacLaren in Music By the Lake's summer production of Brigadoon.

The production will be two performances only, July 30th and 31st on beautiful Lake Geneva.  More details coming soon.

A Spoof on Carmen

Doing a student matinees for Carmen this week and came across this hysterical video spoof.  It's a good laugh for a week of three matinees where the downbeat comes at 12:30!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Phantom Backstage "Secrets"

A neat, although short, video about the production aspects of the Broadway version of Phantom.  I also learned from this video from the Chicago Tribune, that the original touring production that came to Chicago almost a decade ago,  cost around 11 million to produce originally in the early 90s...which meant with inflation it would have been around 35 million!  And that was still in the mid 90s!

And of course the tour had 230 costumes and 175 wigs.  Now that's a show!  

Another thing I love about Phantom?  You get to sing your first of many high C's on page 6 of the show!

See the production I'm in April 29th - May 14th!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

My First Phantom...

Today we had a sing through of act one of Phantom.  Listening to all that beautiful music again made me remember seeing Phantom for the first time.  It was the year 2000 and I LOVED it.  It was hands down the best musical I saw on Broadway during my visit.  We sat in the 7th row and I could feel the heat from the pyrotechnics!

Here are some of my memories from the show...
*When Carlotta started singing "Think of Me" I was confused, I thought - no way, she doesn't look like Christine at all!
*Piagini struggling and failing to get on top of the giant elephant...hysterical.
*Candles...lots of them...with REAL flames and appearing as if from no where.
*Utter awe and astonishment at the Phantom appearing on top of the proscenium facade at the end of act one.
*I had no idea the stage was part puppets and not all actors during Masquerade.
*Tears streaming down my face at the end of the show, all the while thinking how sad it was because the Phantom just really loved her.

It makes me want to see the show again!  Hopefully all these fabulous memories and more will be formed in my upcoming production.  I can't wait to start staging.

Image from

Friday, March 18, 2011

Save Broadway Sketch

A little laugh for your Friday.  I remembered how much I loved this clip when it was on a rerun the other of my favorite SNL sketches ever.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Backstage at Carmen!

Happy Re-Opening to the Carmen Cast!  A sweet note from the Assistant Director, above, awaited us in the dressing room.  The show went well, although there was a little drama off stage in the audience during the first intermission!  Although the cast was none the wiser until the article came out in the Tribune the next day.  Read the "Opera Patron Arrested for Assult" article on the Trib's website.

Check out some photos from backstage..

A cool tag to see sewn into your costumes (above) and my dressing table space (below).  All of my act one costume pieces are neatly spread out at my space by our awesome dresser when we arrive at the theatre.

Our fabulous dresser, Chris makes sure we're laced up and looking good...all four hours of the opera.

The reviewers liked the show again!  Check out the Tribune's review here or get tickets for the remaining shows here.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Remount of Carmen

Carmen is back at the Lyric Opera of Chicago for five shows only!  A few changes in the cast and a revamped focus on acting will make this run of Carmen even more fantastic than the October 2010 run.  Opening night is this Saturday, March 12th and runs through March 27th.  Purchase one of the few remaining tickets here.

Photo courtesy of The Lyric Opera.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Coming Up Next

I'm excited to announce that I was offered a role in the ensemble and corps de ballet for a spring production of Phantom of the Opera at Morton College's JPAC Theatre.

More details coming soon...