Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Backstage at Carmen!

Happy Re-Opening to the Carmen Cast!  A sweet note from the Assistant Director, above, awaited us in the dressing room.  The show went well, although there was a little drama off stage in the audience during the first intermission!  Although the cast was none the wiser until the article came out in the Tribune the next day.  Read the "Opera Patron Arrested for Assult" article on the Trib's website.

Check out some photos from backstage..

A cool tag to see sewn into your costumes (above) and my dressing table space (below).  All of my act one costume pieces are neatly spread out at my space by our awesome dresser when we arrive at the theatre.

Our fabulous dresser, Chris makes sure we're laced up and looking good...all four hours of the opera.

The reviewers liked the show again!  Check out the Tribune's review here or get tickets for the remaining shows here.


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