Friday, June 29, 2012

Character Inspiration: A Special Project

One of my greatest college friends, Josh, is working on a book on theatrical education techniques and asked for my help creating a character board. So here are my inspiration boards based on characters I have previously played and characters I would love to play.

Cinderella, Into the Woods 
Cinderella is different in this show because who she is and who she becomes are on the surface different.  She has to cope with longing and wishing in addition to the aftermath of what her wish gives her and ultimately, change her mind.

Photos from: Deviant Art, Robert Finklestein, Hispters on Broadway, Kristoper Dukes, Five Sixteenths Blog, Graphics Fairy Blog, Girly Bubble, IHC Creative, Seforium

Carlotta, Phantom of the Opera
This is a role I don't think I'll ever get to play. I'm more of a type match for Christine or Meg, but I LOVE this role and all of her music is divine.  I think the challenge in playing her would be to keep everything rooted in reality and not let her get too over the top, even though she is the prima donna.  She's amazing and strong, comfortable, yet with the slightest fear of being replaced.  She taps into that place we all have been when we're worried about being forgotten - you just never get to see that side of her as it's not her story the show revolves around.

Photos from: Limelight Floral, Everyday Beauty, Become, Neiman Marcus, Closet Obsession, Hippie Chick, Visualize Us, Fan Pop, Style Hive 

And of course...check out my other character inspirations from past shows:
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