Monday, October 11, 2010

Carmen Opens October 13th

Make sure you purchase your tickets for the Lyric Opera's production of Carmen.  It's full of great singing and amazing costumes!  Get tickets here, read the Lyric's overview below.

Find out why this is the most popular opera in the world!
What could make a man cheat on his fiancée, drive his mother to tears, and ditch a good job? One woman — Carmen! She's the sex-bomb, gypsy seductress who loves them and leaves them — tossing egos and hearts in the dust.
To the tune of some of the most memorable music ever composed (the Toreador Song, the Habanera, and more!) her story unfolds in the sultry Spanish sun: Corporal Don José arrests Carmen for knifing another cigarette girl — but he's the emotional prisoner! So how can he possibly let her live when she dumps him for a famous matador?
Carmen runs October 13th through October 29th then remounts in March 2011.


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