Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fabulously Funny Website!

Here's a site for all the musical theatre kids out there...The Musical Theatre Dictionary!

Some of my favorites...

Downstage Center- noun- The single most desired position on a stage. MT's with egos will try anything in their might to move as close to downstage center during dance numbers, tableaux, and ensemble numbers. Remaining downstage center almost always ensures that an actor will be in the production photos, which is brills.

Jazz Square-choreography- The most insulting piece of dance to ever be given by a choreographer. A more simplified version of walking (instead of a straight line one merely crosses one leg over the over and repeats in a box formation), jazz squares are the last resort when choreographing a company of Sondheim/Character Actresses and barely-Fancers.

LaDuca-noun- The nonpareil designers of women's character shoes. These shoesfeature the support of a sturdy heel with a softer, malleable sole perfect for dancingand other stage business. Moreover, these are the ļ¬ercest shoes that any woman canever put on her feet. The ferocity of LaDuca shoes transcends cast dividends: fromingenues to ensemblists, character actresses to chorines these shoes take anyordinary woman and makes them an MT. If you don't have LaDucas and you're reading this, I have no respect for you.

***and yes, I have LaDucas***


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